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Want to represent TCU and enjoy the sport of rowing? The TCU Rowing Team competes with Baylor, UT and Texas A&M, as well as many other Universities. We are currently looking for both men and women to join the TCU Rowing Team for the Fall Season.

2024 Spring Sprint Season

TCU ROWING 2024 Spring Schedule Feb 3rd: SWEAT Dallas. Feb 10th Austin ERG Rodeo. Feb 24th. HOT. 1,000m Sprint. Spring Break: (TCUs). March 9 - 17 March 23rd: Battle of the Brazo’s April 6th: TCU 4+ “Henley Sprints”. April 20-21 SIRA. 2,000m. Oak Ridge. April 27. Team’s 10th Anniversary Banquet. May 17th-19th: ACRA 2,000m. Oak Ridge


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